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Facebook sim game by Digitial Chocolate called Vegas City heading to Android

Vegas City is a simulation game where you can create your own Las Vegas strip complete with casinos, resorts, high rollers and more. Developed by Digital Chocolate and originally released onto Facebook, Vegas City is slated to come to Android in the near future. Soon you’ll be able to become filthy rich, in-game anyways.

Basically Vegas City is like Sim City but smaller, less complicated. You’ll only have to worry about building a successful Las Vegas style strip and just deal with hotels, resorts, guests and things of that nature instead of all the extra problems like traffic, pollution and natural disasters. Vegas City also uses Facebook connect and the more friends you have, the more money you will make.


  • Highly details graphics
  • Build up to 16 hotel casinos, including Golf Resorts, Royal Casinos, Tropical Deluxe and more.
  • Reserve your rooms for tourists, gamblers, honeymooners, rock stars and more. The bigger the guest, the higher the returns.
  • Add animated fountains, lit up palm trees, and other decorations to make your customers pay more for their stay.
  • Complete missions to earn your income and get hours of fun entertainment
  • Invite your friends as managers to get even more out of your casinos



There is a high level of customization through various items you can earn in-game which all go towards you making it big. Another great feature, thanks to Facebook Connect, is that you can hire friends to manage your casinos and resorts… and fire them if they do a terrible job. Currently there are 3.5 million people playing Vegas City between Facebook and iOS.

While staying true, for the most part, to the general idea of Vegas, the lack of certain key elements, such as hookers, may effect the game’s overall growth. Hopefully this will be fixed before the Android version is released. No word on an exact date or price although it is free on the iPhone so chances are it will be free for Android. Check out the press release below.

Developer Website: Digital Chocolate


SAN MATEO, Calif.– Digital Chocolate, a leader in social games across growing platforms, announced the launch of Vegas City™ on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. With already over 3.5 million monthly active users on Facebook since its November launch, Vegas City on iPhone and iPod touch integrates with users’ Facebook profiles.

“Vegas City is the latest in our growing portfolio of mobile social games”

“Vegas City is the latest in our growing portfolio of mobile social games,” said Marc Metis, President of Digital Chocolate. “We’re pleased to be able to offer this exciting brand to consumers who want to play on the go.”

In Vegas City, players build their own version of the famed Las Vegas strip, with a wide variety and style of luxurious hotels, casinos, resorts, golf courses, and landmarks, and decorate them with palm trees, fountains, and more. Gamers can take advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch’s intuitive controls to design and build casinos, manage guests as diverse as tourists, gamblers, and celebrities, and complete exciting missions to earn income. Using Facebook Connect, players can earn money and advance more quickly by inviting friends to help staff and manage their casinos.

“We are aggressively expanding our social gaming offerings across high growth platforms,” said Jason Loia, COO of Digital Chocolate. The company plans to offer Vegas City on Apple iPad and Google Android devices soon.”

About Digital Chocolate

Digital Chocolate has rapidly emerged as a leader in new digital media and social games. Best known for Millionaire City, MMA Pro Fighter, Rollercoaster Rush and Tower Bloxx, Digital Chocolate led all software companies in App Store downloads in 2009 and in 2010 has been the fastest-growing maker of Facebook social games with virtual goods. Focused on original brands and technology for a wide variety of platforms, the company has made over 100 different award-winning games and works with 200 leading web and mobile channel partners in 80 countries. Digital Chocolate has operations in San Mateo, Helsinki, Barcelona, Bangalore, and Mexico.

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