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Ladybug Sokoban Review – Another game to frustrate yourself with.

Lady Bugs are very commonly found in young childhood memories, or in this case hatred filled frustration. This game is a Sokoban style game and for those of you that have no idea what that means, like me, it means pushing all the blocks into specific locations. These types of games can be very fun but very frustrating!

The concept of a Sokoban game is that you move objects onto specific spots in order to pass each level. While the levels usually start off easy, then end up getting very hard to complete. Some Sokoban games have time limits while others have a certain amount of moves you can use per stage. Others still just have you complete each stage with the lowest amount of moves you can do it with but without an actual limit, you just get less points per stage.

Gameplay: You’re a small circular lady bug that’s trapped inside a oddly shaped box with a bunch of other circles with no hope for survival except if you manage to find a way to sacrifice all the other circles by placing them on the +’s rather than you. Ok maybe it’s not that dramatic but that is the point, you are a lady bug in an oddly shaped box, there are other circles, and you need to push them onto the +’s.

Graphics: Plain and simple, there is not much to the game so there is not much that needs to be done with the graphics, but it all blends well and is easy on the eyes.

Sound: There is no background music, but there are sound effects for when you push a circle or undo a push.

Controls: It has control pad support, I don’t know about trackball because I don’t have one, but you can also swipe in the direction or tap in the direction you want your ladybug to go.

Overall: If you enjoy puzzle games and don’t get frustrated easily, then this game is perfect for you. If you enjoy puzzle games and do get frustrated easily, then I suggest you get some pillows where you can throw your phone at when you get stuck, and yes, when you get stuck not if you get stuck.


Gameplay: 5/5
Graphics: 3/5
Sound: 1/5
Controls: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5

Developer Website: Rafael W. Martins

Direct Market Link: Lady Bug Sokoban

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