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Angry Birds Day Videos – The world comes together to celebrate Angry Birds and Pigs

December 11th, 2010 has come and gone. It was the first official worldwide Angry Birds day where Android, iOs, and any other mobile platform with Angry Birds came together to celebrate the game that has cost the world millions in production time at work. While some were fun meet-ups, others were of a more serious nature. Enjoy!

Protests sprang up in some cities to help stop the madness and save the pigs and bring peace to the world of Birds and Pigs. In London the protest was more of a silent nature, with one man dressing up in a bright orange jacket to try to look like a bird, or pylon. Later, another gentleman was seen at the protest holding one of the plush toys in a stance that could only rival something from 300. Enjoy the video below.


Teresopolis, Brazil also saw a protest spawn to bring peace to the Angry Birds world. Unlike the London protest though, people in Brazil are much more in-your-face and vocal. Innocent people walking by were accosted by protesters and chairs were painted bright yellow, sort of how PETA throws blood on fur coat wearing people, just less violent. People were handing little children candy to gain their support as well. Spider-man and a dog also made an appearance to show their support. It’s crazy over there, I’ll have to visit it sometime.


The Angry Birds meet-up in Budapest, however, was of a more serious nature. In silence and snow, everyone just stood around staring at their mobile devices, not saying a word or making a sound, just playing Angry Birds. Authorities were alert to this gathering due to the fact they were all standing out front of a bank. Reports are coming in that half of these people are in jail now under suspicion of trying to rob said bank.


The New York meet-up for Angry Birds Day had everyone all worked up with people in costumes while others sat around and played Angry Birds. More people flocked to the New York meet-up to try and bring peace between the birds and the pigs. On a side note: The Angry birds car is a must have this Christmas, I want one.


As more videos come in, we will add them to this post. Did you go to your Angry Birds meet-up? How was it? If you filmed it, make sure to let us know so we can add your video! We are still waiting to hear back from the Las Vegas meet-up, apparently everyone must be hung-over still. Overall, it looks like a lot of people had some fun!

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