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Angry Birds Seasons has Golden Eggs? Yes it does!

For all you Golden Egg hunters out there, one of our staff here at DroidGamers, Adam, just got themselves a Golden Egg… in Angry Birds Seasons! Found on Day 13 (today), it is hidden on the stage and you’ll have to hit it with one of your Yellow Birds. Want to know where to find it? Keep on reading!

To find the Golden Egg in Angry Birds Seasons, at least on Day 13, just use your Yellow Birds to plow through the snow blocks and hit the Wreath in the center of the base. When you do, you’ll be rewarded with a Golden Egg! Sneaky Rovio! Check out the screenshots below for all you need to know!


If you find any other Golden Eggs in Angry Birds Seasons, now that we know there are some, let us know!

Thanks Adam for the heads up!

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