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Dreamcast Emulator coming to Android soon

It seems we don’t have enough emulators just yet for Andorid and developer “drk || Raziel” is working on curing that little issue with a Dreamcast Emulator for Android. Currently they have the nullDC BIOS booting on a Samsung Captivate which means actual games being playable should be possible in the very near future.

It is still early in the game for the Dreamcast Emulator and there are a lot of bugs still being worked out according to the developer. When this is made available for Android, that should pretty much round out the entire emulator scene, covering pretty much every major console.

No word on when this will be available and for how much. Not that the Dreamcast console was the most popular out at the time but what game would you be wanting to play when this becomes available?

Developer Website: drk || Raziel

Website Referenced: DroidDog

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