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Dreamcast Emulator, nullDC, for Android now playing games

It seems like the Dreamcast Emulator, nullDC, which is being worked on by “drk || Raziel”, is making some steady progress. While still in the really early stages of development, the developers have gotten a couple of games to run on it. One of the games happens to be one that everyone wants to play, Crazy Taxi! Check out the video after the break.

This first video shows the Alpha version of the Dreamcast emulator playing Crazy Taxi and Dead or Alive 2. The second video shows Power Stone on the emulator.


Still now word on how long it will be before we see a public release of the Dreamcast Emulator for Android or how much it will cost. The fact it is already running games though is a great sign that it won’t be long before everyone can play those games they mentioned in the comments in yesterdays post!

Thanks Harry190 for the tip in yesterdays comments!

Source: YouTube

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