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Pocket Legends content update now live – Winter Festival, New Town, Dual Wielding?!

Hear that sound? That is the sound of all of the writers here, save for myself, rushing to their Android phones to log into Pocket Legends to play the newest content update. The Winter Festival is now live and hopping, also a new town with new quests and also dual wielding weapons is now possible.

The new town available is named Swamp Towne and features a slew of new quests for you to do. Swamp Towne is massive in size we are being told so there should be lots to do there. The Winter Festival is in full swing with more quests as well, gifts and all kinds of other goodies. Candy Cane Mace? I think so!

Another new feature: Dual wielding weapons. Who is going to try and convert their Warriors into Assassin style class characters? I know some of you will try it. Overall though, this is a huge update and the servers, after 30 mins of downtime to apply the update, are now back up and live. Have fun! We will get some screenshots up here shortly.

Update Dec. 14th, 2010 11:08am: Added some screenshots below of the new town and some of the Winter Festival stuff now live in Pocket Legends, without giving away too much. Can’t ruin all the fun now can we!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios


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