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Words with Friends heading to Android soon

New Toy Inc, developers of Words with Friends for iOS and recently purchased by Zynga, are in the works porting over the hit game to Android. This will allow for cross-platform gaming of the Scrabble variety. Lots of people have been wanting this game to come to Android and even though there are similar games for Android, more people know of Words with Friends.

A tipsters told Phandroid the response they got from New Toy Inc when they asked about Words for Friends coming to Android…

“We’ve since hired a team to develop an Android version. They’re actively at work on it at the moment and are getting close to being done, so not too much longer!”

Whatever the definition of ‘not much longer’ is, lots of people are going to be happy when it is released onto the Android Market. I’m sure there is a much large player base in Words with Friends than current Android games that are similar.

Developer Website: New Toy Inc

Website Referenced: Phandroid

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