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[Updated] GetJar offering Modern Combat: Sandstorm for select Android devices, free!

Could this be the start of something new with Gameloft or is this just a one time thing? That is the question we are asking ourselves after the announcement just made that Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD is now available on GetJar, for free! This seems to be part of GetJars new program offering premium content for free.

The main question is though, will Gameloft continue to do this with the rest of their games or not? We can only hope so. Without the use of the Android Market, Gameloft has really limited their user base of potential purchases. Toss in the recent billing screw up and Gameloft has more reasons now to use something, anything, to get games to Android gamers.

While we aren’t certain yet that this will carry over to their other games for Android, you can go over to GetJar right now and if you have a compatible Android device, you’ll be able to download Modern Combat: Sandstorm for free! It’s a great game if you enjoy FPS games.

Our staff member, Chris Summerfield, is reporting that he can see Let’s Golf HD on GetJar available for download as well. We will keep you updated if more show up!

Update Dec. 16th, 2010 12:44pm: Sorry for the late update. People are claiming they are demos. If anyone finds out these are NOT demos, please let us know. We are waiting word back from GetJar about this as they did not mention in the Tweet (pictured above) nor is it labeled anywhere that this is a demo when you follow the link to GetJar below.

Developer Website: Gameloft

GetJar Link: Mordern Combat: Sandstorm

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