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psx4droid updated, on sale

Developers of the Android PS1 emulator, psx4droid have always gotten flack for their app abandonment. Today, the developer has returned with an updated app with better performance. It’s also on sale for $1.99, ending “very soon.”

psx4droid v2 (as it’s now called) has been completely rewritten compared to the one we reported on earlier in the year there are some stability improvements in the new version along with features for more complex games. Just so you know — if you own the older version this isn’t a free upgrade and it’s possible that future versions will be charged for as well. The update comes alongside a a sale for new and existing customers. With the newly released psx4droid v2 comes Auto frameskip added/enabled by default will speed up some games when the processor’s having trouble, a frames per second (FPS) counter has been added, along with “many critical bugs fixed.”

PS1 Game-playability saw some improvement, Castlevania: SOTN and Vagrant Story have both seen increased framerates and playability on different hardware according to some users. In-game sound might now be broken when it wasn’t before, and some users are experiencing random black screens in-game as a new issue, although less rarely.

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The emulator’s sale comes to an end  “very soon,” according to the Android Market Description page.

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