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T3’s Appvent Calendar giveaway tomorrow is Hero of Spart HD by Gameloft, be ready!

T3 is keeping it going strong with their Android Appvent Calender giveaways. Already one HTC Desire HD has gone up for grabs along with a slew of great games and some apps as well. Gameloft fans will have something to look forward to tomorrow (Dec. 17th) as the giveaway will be 15 copies of Hero of Sparta HD from Gameloft.

To enter, you just have to head over to T3’s Appvent Calendar for Android, click on the day and when the ‘Tweet to win’ link is visible, click on it. You can enter as many times as you like and remember, there are only 15 copies of this being given away unlike most other games which have been 50 copies or more.

The link won’t be active until sometime tomorrow but we figured we would give everyone a heads-up today! Good luck! Oh, and don’t forget, you have to be following T3 on Twitter to qualify to win when you click the Tweet link!

T3 Advent Calender: T3 Android Advent Calender

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