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Konami announces two new 3D games for the Sharp Galapagos glasses-free 3D phones

Big name veteran game developer Konami announced today that they have 2 games ready for the glasses-free Sharp Galapagos phones that recently landed in Japan and soon the US as well. “Mobile Pawafuru Proyaku 3D” and “Golfriends!” are the names of the two games for these pretty cool Android devices.

Both games will feature glasses-free 3D graphics to make your gaming experience on the Galapagos line of Android phones a bit more awesome. Konami are not the only ones with 3D games slated for release onto the phone with other major players such as Capcom set to release some as well. For more information about the Sharp Galapagos 3D glasses-free phones, check out our previous articles about the Japan launch and the ‘coming soon to the US’ post.

Developer Website: Konami (Non-English)

Website Referenced: Akihabara News


KONAMI is set to release the all new glasses-free 3D games “MOBILE PAWAFURU PROYAKYU 3D” and “Golfriends!” as pre-installed applications on 3D Android™ smartphones.

 KONAMI has always been a forefront supporter of its mobile market base, producing a wide array of content for feature phone and smartphone users alike. Their track record also includes the dedicated mobile content sites such as KONAMI Net DX and the official Winning Eleven mobile site. This vast portfolio garnered recognition from both mobile carriers and handset manufacturers—culminating in this momentous featuring of KONAMI works.

The featured apps are sports games utilizing 3D technology for an enhanced visual experience. Stare down a pitch as it rockets toward you and hit it off into the distance for an exhilarating, realistic rush in “MOBILE PAWAFURU PROYAKYU 3D.” Take to a 3D golf course as it unrolls before your eyes with a fully realized depth of field, bringing to life the thrill of the shot and tension of the putt in “Golfriends!”

KONAMI continuously strives to support the mobile market and reach out to a wider audience with fun, quality KONAMI content.

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