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Ubiquitous Media launches The Whoops! Desert Island survival game exclusively in Korea

Ubiquitous Media Inc’s survival game called “The Whoops! Desert Island” has been released, exclusively in Korean, at least for now. Sort of the same way Game Dev Story came out, first in Asia then translated and released globally. The point of the game is that you’re shipwrecked on an island and you have to survival.

To survive you will have to hunt animals, fish, cut trees down, and use a fire for smoke to signal your friends to safety. The game also features multiple endings depending on the friendship level of saved friends along with other factors. It is sort of a blend of RPG and strategy gaming genres.

Graphically the game features similar style graphics you find in Zenonia or Game Dev Story, that pixel/3D-ish type of art which usually looks good. While the game itself looks a bit cutesy, it does offer up something unique in terms of gameplay with blending those genres together.

Unfortunately for us, it is only being distributed right now exclusive in Korea through select telecoms. Whether or not this gets translated into English for global release or not is another matter. It looks interesting enough to try out but so did Game Dev Story and now people can’t stop playing it. Might want to keep an eye out for this being released globally.  Check out the official press release.

Developer Website: Ubiquitous Media Inc (Non-English)


Ubiquitous Media Inc.’s Chaotic Survival Game, “The Whoops! Desert Island”

Launched through the application markets of Korea’s main telecommunications companies

(2010/12/00, Seoul, Korea) – “The Whoops! Desert Island”, a mobile game developed by Ubiquitous Media Inc. (CEO Su-kyeong Lim), is now serviced through main telecommunications companies in Korea. It is now introduced to the application store exclusively for Android in Korea.

“The Whoops! Desert Island” is a somewhat unfamiliar genre amidst the mobile game market mainly dominated by RPG (role playing game) and tycoon games.

This mini-game adopts actions required for survival where the main character, stranded out on a weird island, must hunt, fish, cook, fell trees and smoke fire to lead his friends to survival. Multi endings are implemented according to the level of friendship with his friends, along with other various entertaining factors.

In particular, to celebrate its participation in the G-Star 2010 event, the largest game show in Korea held in Busan from November 18th to 21st, the game can be downloaded for free via T-store and Olleh market, which are Korea’s Android markets.

Ubiquitous Media Inc. was established in 2003 with the goal of becoming a multimedia company in a true sense. Our core businesses are mobile contents and game development/publisher/agency. We localized and serviced the globally famous Metal Slug series and Princess Maker. Also, we have developed and recently launched a fusion survival game called “The Whoops! Desert Island.” Ubiquitous Media Inc. will target the rapidly developing smart phone market and focus on the smart phone application

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