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Game Dev Story Review – Build a hit game or go into debt trying

Welcome to the world of game development! Game Dev Story takes you down the route of running your own games company. Be prepared to test the waters with different types of game genres which can be mix matched to your personal taste but be warned you can get it wrong and create a terrible game and send your company plummeting into debt.

Gameplay: This part of the game by far, surpasses every other aspect of the game. You start the game with yourself, your secretary and two members of staff. You don’t start with much money and therefore have to make a choice, do you take a change on developing your own game for the pc or do you play it safe and take contract work until you can afford to buy licensing for a major console? Decisions, decisions.

I love how much depth this game has, for example the fact you can unlock tons of different genres and sub-genres which you can mix and match to create truly unique games which could fly off the shelves or could flop and bring you crashing down to earth with a bang. Once games are completed they get forwarded to game reviewers which mark your game out of 10.

If you’re lucky, your game will make it into the hall of fame, which later on means you can develop sequels to the game. Having the ability to move to bigger offices once you earn enough money to purchase them, really adds to the feeling of being successful and powerful. If you’ve ever wanted to play a sim game where you run your own games company, this game really does tick every single box.

Controls: Believe me, I’ve packed many many hours into playing this game and the controls are very intuitive and also they’ve added a great feature to the controls; an optional mini control pad to navigate the menus if you’re having touble clicking them. I personally like to keep the mini control pad turned on as some parts of the menus can be tricky to select and this option gives you the chance to make a clear choice instead of pointlessly tapping away at everything you see on screen.

Graphics and Sound: The graphics within the game will send the retro kid inside all of us crazy again because although it has retro styled pixel graphics, it’s sort of a modern take on the old look… you’ll know what I mean once you see it for yourself.

As for the sound, sadly I have to report it’s very repetitive and becomes rather annoying as the game isn’t short by any means. Again the sound is retro which does match the graphics and feel of the game but with one track playing repeatedly, I found myself playing the game with the volume off. Shame really.

Overall: Well I haven’t been able to put this game down; its replay value is sky high. Once you complete the game you have the ability to carry on or start over again, which all your points earned pass over to your new game. For a game development sim its perfect, here and there you will find small spelling errors, but there hardly worth mentioning as the game is excellent in all other areas. Do you like games? Yes. Would you like to develop your own game? Yes (probably). Then download this game, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 4.5/5

Developer Website: KAIROSOFT

Direct Market Link: Game Dev Story

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