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Gameloft releases two new games for Android – Splinter Cell HD and Shrek Kart HD

While Gameloft is giving away Hero of Sparta today for free for Android gamers, there are more surprises to be had from them in the form of two new games now available for purchase. Splinter Cell HD and Shrek Kart HD are now both available, live and ready to be purchased on the Gameloft Live store. Details below.

Shrek Kart HD, which we previously found leaked onto the store for a short time, is now fully available on the Gameloft Live store. This is pretty much like Mario Kart but with Shrek characters.


  • 4 Single Player modes: Single Race, Tournament, Challenges and Arena
  • Local multiplayer mode via WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 19 Cups to win in Tournament mode, 72 challenges
  • 10 Unique karts, all with their own special ability and different characteristics
  • 11 Defensive and offensive power-ups
  • 15 Different track – 12 Speedways and 3 Arenas
  • Over 10 playable characters: Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Ogre Triplets, Puss In Boots, Gingy, 3 Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Big Bad Wolf and the Ghost of Lord Farquaad
  • Great HD 3D graphics
  • Combination tilt/on-screen controls
  • Original soundtrack



Just like every other game by Gameloft, you can purchase this only through the Gameloft Live store for $4.99.

The other game now available through the Live store is Splinter Cell which many of you may know already from console/PC gaming. This is an OTS (Over the Shoulder) shooter/action game with all the usual good quality 3D graphics and touch screen controls.


  • 13 levels set in 8 different locations, from Malta to the White House
  • Intuitive and simple controls to execute any action
  • Improvise using objects around you: Hide behind costumes, swing on chandeliers and more
  • Run, jump, shoot & even use your enemies as human shields
  • Perform amazing cinematic actions thanks to quick-time events
  • For the first time ever in a Splinter Cell mobile game, enjoy 2 mini-games



This should be a big hit with people who enjoy OTS or FPS games like Halo. You can grab this game off the Gameloft Live store for $4.99 as well. Just in case you thought there wasn’t enough games this holiday season to play, now you have two more.

Thanks to Steve King for the tip!

Developer Website: Gameloft

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