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PSA: Cut the Rope by Appvision is NOT the real Cut the Rope game for Android

While we don’t normally do public service announcements, in light of the recent Android Market change regarding the refunding time which is now 15 minutes, we feel it is more necessary now. There is a version of Cut The Rope, smash hit iOS physics game, on the Android market by a developer called AppVision. This is NOT the real Cut the Rope.

We believe in supporting game developers and not the people who rip off their work. Cut The Rope was developed by ZeptoLabs and while it will be released onto the Android Market in the near future, it is not available now. It is also certainly not developed by AppVision. This version also pretty much doesn’t work on most phones, if any at all.

However, instead of fiddling with it trying to get it to work and losing your $0.99 you paid for it due to the new refund time limit, don’t bother getting it at all. Cut The Rope for Android will either be released by Zeptolabs themselves or Chillingo, their publisher. It is a great game, wait for the real one.

This has been a PSA from your friendly neighborhood DroidGamers. Please spread the word to your fellow gamers.

Developer Website: Zeptolabs

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