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HTC Thunderbolt does a catwalk, shows off its kickstand

One of the few highly anticipated, non-Tegra 2 Android devices as of late is the HTC Thungderbolt which sports a big sexy screen, 4G LTE and some nice Verizon branding. Even though it is being teased right now for a CES 2011 debut, it seems as though it couldn’t wait to get pictured and show off another unique little feature.

As you can see in the pictures below, the HTC Thunderbolt is sporting a kickstand and what appears to be a speaker behind it. If not a speaker then something else of some use. You could get really silly, set up a Zeemote or Wii Mote, throw this bad boy on its kickstand and have a mini console system to play games on, or close to it.

The kickstand also has Google branding on it as well which is fairly interesting as usually Google’s branding doesn’t appear on Android phones. We will be at CES 2011 and will be checking this sweet looking Android device in all its glory.

Website Referenced: Droid-Life


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