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Let the CES 2011 goodness begin!

As you may or may not know, we here at DroidGamers are based out of Las Vegas, NV with staff from various parts of the USA and Europe. Our first major event coverage which we will be there is this years CES 2011! You can expect a lot of coverage regarding all things Android and Android gaming related.

What does this means? It means we will be running our collective asses off all over the place. There will be two of us there full time hitting CES hard with another staff member showing up for a day or two. On top of that we will be live blogging from all the press conferences we got our butts into, taping every interview, fondling everything we can along the way. There will be fondling of a lot of Android gadgets.

Things to expect:

  • Lots of Android tablet fondling: There is going to be a ton of tablets at CES 2011 and we will be there messing with all of them, especially of the Tegra 2 variety.
  • Lots of Android phone fondling: Just like the tablets, there will be lots of Android phones to muck around with both dual-core and single-core.
  • Other Android Gadgets: There are some other gadgets that have managed to integrate Android into the mix. We will be there hopefully not breaking any of them as well.
  • Live blogging from press conferences: We will be using Coverit! Live for all the press conferences. Feel free to join in!
  • Interviews: We have a grip of interviews set up with some big companies including nVidia, Qualcomm, Samsung and many more.
  • Event coverage: We will be, when allowed, blogging live or at least taking picture and tweeting about events as they are underway then writing about them.
  • Tweeting: You can expect a ridiculous amount of tweeting from us.
  • Videos & Photos: Lots and lots of videos and photos.
  • Swag: We will be grabbing all the swag we can get our hands on, and turn around and give some of it away to our readers! Pay attention as some giveaways will be on the spot!


Being that we cover not just Android related news and gadgets but anything that can be used with Android in terms of gaming, we will be hitting up the gaming section of CES as well. We have double the work to do with only a few of us. It will be crazy, it will be fun and I’m sure there will be bloopers.

As requested as well by Adam from our staff, I’ll be trying to get on G4TV as they cover CES 2011 by any means necessary. This may include me being one of those people in the background jumping up and down or something equally dumb, but I will do it! Look for that as well. We live in Las Vegas and we are crazy so this will be lots of fun for everyone including our readers!

If you want us to cover something specific, make comments, tell us to do stuff, feel free to hit us up on Twitter, Gtalk, Forums or right here in the comments on this and any other articles we will be writing during CES 2011. We will be using #CES and #CESDG hashtags as well so be sure to use those when trying to hit us up on Twitter!

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