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Like Infinity Blade? nVidia and MobileBits show off upcoming 3D action-RPG called Soulcraft

We are closing up day 2 of CES 2011 and so far it has been pretty sweet with some great Android devices already launched and a hands-on with Vendetta Online beta for Android. During nVidia’s press event, MobileBits came on stage after Trendy Entertainment’s Jeremy Stieglitz to show off their new game on the LG Optimus 2X.

Whether we get Inifinity Blade made by Unreal Engine or not, although I’m still positive we will, this game could definitely holds us over until Inifinity Blade does arrive. MobileBits’ game, called Soulcraft, is a 3D Action-RPG game that will be distributed onto Android through publisher Chillingo. Soulcraft, although demoed for a short period, looks amazing regardless if it was being played on the new LG Optimus 2X dual-core Tegra 2 phone.

No word on exactly when this game will be available or for how much but we can say one thing, it can’t come soon enough! In this game you play as either Angels or Demons but as that about as deep into the storyline they got in the demo. Have no fear though, this isn’t the last you’ll see of Soulcraft as we will be playing it ourselves tomorrow at CES 2011! Stay tuned and until then, check out the video below.

This will most likely be a dual-core Android device only game.

Developer Website: MobileBits

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