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Acer Prototype Honeycomb tablet shown off at CES 2011

This is a very prototype Android tablet and we were told that even the cosmetics on the body and possibly even the body shape itself will change before the production release. It will be running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and it will be a dual-core Android tablet thanks to the Tegra 2 chip inside.

It is a 10″ Tablet I believe and also comes with a front camera as well as a rear one of course. Speakers are also located on the back. Because Honeycomb isn’t officially out yet regardless of the leaked video, there were no buttons on the device and in fact the only way to access the actual OS was through a small slide out touch screen control panel on the bottom right.

Needless to say it looks pretty good already so the final product should be even better. Check out the short video clip below. I did fondle it for a bit, it is pretty awesome as it is already.

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