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Graal Online bringing the old school MMORPG love to Android

Graal Online are currently planning to bring their old school styled MMORPG to Android, possibly in two different flavors, maybe even more. Called ‘Graal Classic’ and ‘Graal Era’, both of these games are MMORPGs and contain great old school 2D graphics which you probably have seen in a lot of retro console games from back in the day.

Graal Classic brings the old school Final Fantasy or Zelda style gaming to Android in MMORPG fashion but features options that you’d only find in new MMORPGs such as player housing, full player customization and more. When it comes to player houses you can place furniture in there and make it look how you want it. With your character you have a huge combination of looks at your disposal to make your character look completely unique.


There are also games inside the game that you can play including PvP ones such as battling it out with other guilds to take over their forts. It seems as though it covers enough area for both the hardcore and the casual gamers. It will work via WiFi, Edge and 3G.

Graal Era brings the same style of retro graphics but unlike the Classic version, is set in the (mostly) modern world with gangs and mafia, guns, and all that good stuff you would find in the Al Capone era. It also features everything you’d find in the Classic including buying your own house, PvP between guilds to take over their bases and more.


Era features dual on-screen joysticks for shooting and moving at the same time for a bit more of an arcade feel even though it is an MMORPG. Both games look pretty solid and since this is an MMORPG you will be playing along side iOS players.

You can expect to see Classic, Era and possibly others like Kingdoms (which has 3D environments) sometime in 2011. Hopefully they bring Graal Playerworlds compatibility as well where anyone will be able to create their own worlds/servers for others to play on. Screenshots for both Classic and Era are from the iOS version as reference since no Android ones are available just yet.

Developer Website: Graal Online

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