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LG showing off future 3D glasses-free mobile screens at CES 2011

Something else that was pretty interesting over at the LG booth this year at CES 2011 was the unveiling of a glasses-free mobile screen LG had been developing. The display was showing off how it will look on devices slated to be coming out soon with these screens meaning we could see future Tegra 2 3D Android devices from LG.

While there is already a set of 3D Android devices out by Sharp, the Galapagos line of phones, the 3D on those wasn’t as impressive as how the LG screen looked. The Galapagos phones, although 3D, looked to be a more flatter holographic style 3D. It was still pretty cool but LG seems to have a better grasp on how to pull it off, at least right now.

The display was a 4.3″ WVGA touch screen running at 480×800 resolution and they way they have done the 3D, you can look at it from a greater variety of angles without loosing the 3D effect. Check out our video of the demo running. While 3D is hard to capture on video, you still can kind of see it at some points.

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