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Sneak Peek at the Shift Beta by Armor Games

Yesterday we posted that a Shift closed beta was announced by Handmark who will be more than likely publishing this game onto the Android Market for Armor Games. Within 25 minutes the beta was full and if you weren’t fast enough, you were left with a sad face. Well we found another reason why it was full so fast.

There were only 100 spots for this closed beta which is a very small amount. It took less then the 25 minutes to fill up, Handmark didn’t say anything until 25 mins after they announced it about it being full. We were one of the 100 that managed to get in so we have a few screenshots to share plus more about the actual game itself, in case you have never played it before. Official description below:

Shift is based on the negative-space centric platform concept in a style elegant, yet minimalistic, and pulsating with spy music. Use the [arrows] to navigate your man of mystery along the levels and to jump. After a couple of warm-up levels, you’ll need to master the art of Shift. Shifting flips you beneath the floor on which you are standing, and reverses both your body color and gravity. It’s up to you to spot the paths that are available using this mechanism, and to figure out how to make it to the exit for each level.

The full version of Shift has additional features: All the original levels of the classic desktop web game, plus more than 25 NEW Levels & no advertisements.


The version we are beta testing is a Lite version so we are assuming there will be a Lite version for people to try out before buying the full version. So far the game is pretty entertaining and the animations are very fluid. You have four buttons you can use to control your guy, two for left/right and two for jumping left or right. There are also two Shift buttons which shift you at any time.

It’s definitely a challenging game already and seems to run great so far. I haven’t experienced any bugs or anything just yet and it is looking pretty polished. Granted I’ve only been playing it on and off for an hour or so. This beta should go pretty quickly and this should be out fairly soon if all goes well. No word on pricing just yet.

Developer Website: Armor Games

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