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Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD by Gameloft also leaked onto their store

Well why not round out the Gameloft news with a triple play shall we? It seems as though Gangstar: Miami Vindication HD isn’t the only game being leaked onto the site right before its official release. Seems Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD has also shown up on Gameloft’s storefront but instead of Argentina, this is in the UK.

If you’ve played Rock Band, Guitar Hero or any of the numerous knock-offs then you know already what to expect from Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD. For those of you who don’t, here is the quick version: Notes come down your screen, you tap them as they land on the appropriate spot to tap.


  • New explosive track list including 18 world famous rock hits: I Love Rock ’N Roll, Call Me and more!
  • Download additional packs of songs to extend your pleasure and play with your favorites.
  • Choose your instrument: guitar or drums. Don’t miss a note or you and your audience will hear it!
  • Challenge a friend in Multiplayer Mode: be the best guitarist or drummer!
  • Put your band under the spotlight in Career Mode and set off on tour to 10 mythic locations.
  • Enjoy the improved full 3D animation and graphics, providing the most immersive musical experience.


Currently the page is what we like to call, leak status. Basically they put up the purchase page to test it out and then take it down for a day or two. After that they put it back up but in live status where you’ll actually be able to purchase and download the game. As usual, it will cost $4.99 for you to buy it through their own store.

Developer Website: Gameloft


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