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Honeycomb successor to be called Ice Cream Sandwich… We’re serious.

So… everyone who has been calling the Honeycomb successor Ice Cream has been wrong… sort of. Actually the official name is going to be Ice Cream Sandwich… no seriously, it will be Ice Cream Sandwich. Quite the mouthful but according to TechCrunch who talked to Andy Rubin, that is what it will be.

Is it just me or are the names getting longer with each version? Well there is actually a reason for calling it Ice Cream Sandwich and according to TechCrunch it is because of Froyo. Since the statue of Froyo sits out front of the Google offices, placing a bowl of Ice Cream beside it would confuse people and instead of changing the statue to something more fitting the texture of frozen yogurt, Google will instead be placing a giant Ice Cream Sandwich there beside Froyo. At least this is what TechCrunch is guessing at to the reason for this.

Sadly, it makes sense. So the official name, according to Andy Rubin, is going to be Ice Cream Sandwich and will probably command a version number higher than 3.0 considering Honeycomb is 3.0. We’ll take this with a grain of salt (or sugar) for now and just shorten it to I.C.I.P.A.S (Ice Cream In Possibly A Sandwich).

Perhaps Ice Cream Sandwich could meet up with Digital Chocolate on a one night stand and have the offspring called ‘Sundae’. Alright we’ll stop with the jokes.

Website Referenced: TechCrunch

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