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Fruit Ninja for Android gets Arcade mode… finally.

Back in the beginning of November we reported on Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick being slated to receive an update which will bring the Arcade mode everyone has been wanting to the Android version in the near future. While the iOS version got the update pretty quick, Android gamers were starting to feel like it’d never come.

Hell we even know of a petition that was started by some Android gamers regarding the Arcade mode not being available for the Android version yet! Even so, after what seems to have been a long wait, Fruit Ninja has been updated with the Arcade mode!

Arcade mode will span a time of 60 seconds where you will try to get the highest score possible. While similar to the Zen mode, the difference here is that there will be a bunch of bonus bananas for you to get which offer up some great bonuses. That’s not all though, at the end of each game of Arcade mode that you play, your score and skill will be sent in and rated which will be used to unlock 3 unique awards worth a bunch of bonus points.

Bonus Bananas:

  • Double Points – This banana will award you double points for a short period of time. Criticals and combos count too, so rack up those fruit for some massive scores!
  • Frenzy – If you’re not content with the amount of fruit on screen, the Frenzy banana will take care of that. A mammoth amount of fruit will begin flying in, but you have to stay focused to slice it all!
  • Freeze – The entire screen will slow down, allowing for maximum accuracy and combo potential!


There will also be a weekly leaderboard for player to compete in with their highest scores. Lastly, when you are making combos, if you keep the combos going the game speed will increase giving you the chance to make some seriously big combos quickly. To see Arcade mode in action, check out the video below which was made using ShootMe’s new ScreenCast feature to capture the gameplay. Its still new so it runs at only 10fps according to the video’s author.

Video courtesy of

Developer Website: Halfbrick

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