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PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies and Peggle due out this summer

A while back when everyone was jumping on the Flash games support bandwagon when Flash was announced to be available on Android, one of the major Flash game companies, PopCap, announced it would be supporting/converting games for Android. Plants vs Zombies and Peggle were the first two to arrive for Android devices.

Since then we have heard “early 2011” after long breaks of silence where no word about either game coming to Android has been spoken. Everyone else has been releasing Flash games for Android but PopCap has lagged behind. Well to get the ball rolling on the Android versions of Plants vs Zombies and Peggle, PopCap has released a few photos of them running on a Droid and a Nexus One.


Photos courtesy of PocketGamer

While lots of sites are reporting still that both games will be available in “early 2011”, the PR guys over at PopCap were nice enough to give us a better idea of when we could see both games out for Android. Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait a bit longer as Plants vs Zombies and Peggle will be available in the summer.

Better late than never right?

Developer Website: PopCap Games

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