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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave update now available on the Android Market, brings the Taven shop

As we have been reporting for the last week or so, the latest update for Dungeon Defenders: First Wave was set to land any day. Version 4.0 (actually it’s v4.3) brings a slew of new features including a new PvP mode/map, more secrets for Legendary Heroes and of course, the Tavern Shop! More details after the break.

The Tavern Keeper, which is now located in place of the Tavern Forge, will allow you to buy weapons, armor, boosts and as we suspected… pets! You’ll use mana you’ve saved up in order to buy these items but they don’t come cheap so you’ll definitely have to save up! Some examples include Rename for 50,000, XP Boost for 75,000 and a full character respec will cost you 100,000. Don’t want to (or can’t) save up enough mana? No worries because Trendy Entertainment plans to enable in-game purchases when Google releases the SDK publicly in a couple months!

The new PvP Competitive mode is now available as well and comes with a new map called Hall of Heroes! Speaking of new levels, there is also a new Campaign and Challenge level to give a shot at. Here is the official changelog:

New Features:

  • PvP competitive mode with new “Hall of Heroes” map!
  • (Awesome)New Campaign and Challenge level
  • Added a Tavern Shop to buy and sell pets, weapons, armor and services
  • Added a bunch of new pets
  • More secrets for Legendary Heroes…

Game Fixes:

  • All levels have been optimized for better performance
  • GameSpy now works fully for cross-platform gameplay between Android & iOS
  • Chase Camera tweaked for better experience
  • Performance boost due to memory optimizations on all levels
  • Rebalanced game play
  • Major bug fixes, etc.



You may notice that last point in the New Features list mentioning more secrets for Legendary Heroes. We have no idea what those secrets are but we can bet they are pretty awesome and you can count on us to try and find out what they are! If you stumble onto one, let us know! Until then, get the update and enjoy!

Developer Website: Trendy Entertainment

Official Game Website: Dungeon Defenders

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