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AT&T to bring a social-gaming network to their Android phones

AT&T seems to want to make things a little better for their Android users and are currently developing a social-gaming network they just announced today. Working with the crew over at OpenFeint, AT&T is developing a social-gaming community in which gamers will be able to against other people, keep track of high scores and more.

You’ll also be able to play multiplayer games while chatting on your Android phone. This will bring cross-platform gaming to both Android and iPhone on the AT&T network.

“We’re thrilled to work with AT&T to bring cross platform social gaming to their users,” said Jason Citron, OpenFeint’s chief executive. “With a greatly expanded player audience, this is also great news for Android developers looking to sell games.”

We are going to assume that this social-gaming network will come pre-installed on future AT&T Android devices. Since the iPhone was released on Verizon recently, it seems AT&T is trying to cozy up a bit more to Google and the Android OS instead of being mostly Apple fanboys. We are not exactly sure as to what the point of this is considering OpenFeint already does a majority of this as-is on the Android OS. We are guessing that there will be more community-like features then what is currently offered with OpenFeint on Android.

Website Referenced: Mobiledia

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