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Stuff you buy on the Playstation Network will not be transferable to the Xperia Play, in case you were curious.

While we didn’t think that this would be possible right off the jump or even at all, it is always good to get confirmation on these things. When it comes to the Xperia Play, anything you’ve bought or will buy on the Playstation Network, will not be transferable to the Xperia Play. This includes any retro Playstation One games.

While the Xperia Play will have at least 50 games by the time it goes public for sale at the end of March 2011, anything you currently own on the Playstation Network won’t be transferable to it says Natahan Vautier, Sony’s UK managing director. This could very likely change down the road, especially with the Playstation App and how games are accessed with the Xperia Play.

For now though, if you own something on the Playstation Network, you’ll have to re-purchase it on the Xperia Play. Yes, it kind of sucks but hopefully that will change at some point.

Developer Website: Gamespot

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