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Gameplay videos of Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave and Galaxy of Fire 2 on the Xperia Play

Just to round up our coverage of the Xperia Play, today we have some new videos of gameplay of various games such as Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave and Galaxy of Fire 2. This is thanks to Sony Ericsson uploading a bunch of them to their YouTube channel and if you plan to get an Xperia Play, you should probably watch these.

Sony Ericsson uploaded five videos of gameplay in total so while we are only showing you two, you can jump over to their YouTube channel to check out the rest. You’ll be able to watch the Bruce Lee game, FIFA 10 and Gun Bros on their Youtube channel along with the videos we’ve included below.

Overall, it is starting to look like a very promising gaming device for Android gamers. Both games will be available at the time the Xperia Play launches. It also seems that Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave will have an exclusive PvP mode for it.

Website Referenced: Sony Ericsson YouTube

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