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Minecraft officially coming to Android. Perpare to have your life sucked out of you even more now.

Big news coming from the crew responsible for the awesome PC game Minecraft. According to Kotaku who spoke with Head of Business Development, Daniel Kaplan, that they will be porting the game to Android and iOS. A lot of people have been waiting in hopes that this would happen and now it will be.

Originally being discussed with 3rd party developers about a possible port, it seems that the decision was made to officially to the Minecraft port to mobile in-house instead. Interestingly enough, the game for PC is still in beta with the full version due out later this year so they are planning to port a beta version of a game to mobile before the PC version is even completed.

The Android version is due out later this year as well and you can be sure we will be all over this as development progresses! There have been concerns brought up by our readers about if it would even be possible considering how CPU hungry Minercraft can be so it will be interesting to see how they address this issue for mobile devices.

Developer Website: Minecraft

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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