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OrangePixel’s Meganoid coming soon. Looking like a solid platformer already.

OrangePixel always seem to create great retro-style games, usually completely unique in theme and gameplay. Meganoid is their newest creation and the devs are actually keeping a development blog going as the game develops from start to finish. Currently at around 60% completed, Meganoid is shaping up really nicely.

Meganoid is a retro-style platformer where you collect the gems from each level to gain points. The goal is to get from one teleporter, that you beam into the stage on, to the exit one. Lots of the gems in each stage seem to be hidden so don’t be surprised if you don’t find them all with just one go of each level.


Planned for Meganoid is 100 levels, achievements via OpenFeint, Player Codes, high scores, friend-Avatars (not exactly sure what this feature is) and much more. Like we mentioned earlier, the game is roughly 60% complete and you can follow the progress as it is being built over at the Meganoid development blog.

We are definitely looking forward to playing this game when it is released and when it is released, it’ll be free for all on the Android Market.

Developer Website: OrangePixel

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