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War Drum Studios drop Monster Madness onto the Android Market. Time to shoot a ton of monsters and zombies.

Monster Madness has been one of the games we’ve really been waiting for to be released onto the Android Market. Finally the wait is over and all you lucky people with a Tegra 2 device already are going to be happy. Monster Madness, made with Unreal Engine 3, is a top-down shooter where you will be blasting away at a variety of monsters.

There is a load of customization available for your character with over 100 different power-ups to choose from. If you are worried there won’t be enough types of monsters to slaughter, have no fear! There are over 70 different types of monsters to massacre with your favorite weapons.


  • A console experience in the palm of your hand thanks to Tegra 2’s capabilities
  • Powered by Unreal® Engine 3 for phenomenal graphics
  • Co-op adventure mode allows two players to slay the undead together…. it’s good to share! (Local Wi-Fi only)
  • Players can join or leave a game at any time during the cooperative adventure mode
  • Interactive environments full of destructible elements, structures and objects
  • Over 70 enemy types, each with their own unique attacks and strategies
  • Drivable vehicles with player driven turrets over sprawling landscapes
  • Customize your character with over 100 power-up accessory items
  • Turn up the heat with Madness, a difficulty level that introduces tons of new enemies, and mayhem!



We got to check this game out at CES 2011 as well (yes we had a lot of fun at CES) and it runs incredibly smooth and is graphically awesome. Even the environment is interactive as you slay waves of monsters, items around you also take damage. This is just one of three games War Drum Studios has slated for release, the other two being Great Battles in History which is just a phenomenal looking RTS (Real-time strategy) game and Chess Revolution which is a slick looking chess game.

You’ll be able to pick up Monster Madness off the Android Market on sale for $9.99 so now is a good time to go get it before the price goes up! Monster Madness was published onto the Android Market through Southpeak Games.

Developer Website: War Drum Studios

Direct Market Link: Monster Madness

Website Referenced: Android Police

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