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Scoreloop also helping iOS game developers with bringing their games to Android

Yesterday, OpenFeint revealed a partnership with The9 which is aimed at helping indie iOS game developers with porting their games to Android and the costs associated with that. Today, Scoreloop just announced that they are as well trying to give the iOS game developers a bit of a push in bringing their games to Android.

Scoreloop is doing somewhat of the opposite that OpenFeint and The9 are planning on doing. Where OpenFeint and The9 are helping indie developers with porting their games over to Android in the financial aspect, Scoreloop is targeting developers who are already fairly successful on iOS and who don’t really need a lot of help with money but instead are working with them regarding other aspects in porting their games to Android.

Granted Scoreloop will be offsetting some of the costs as well but the main goal is to make it as much hassle-free for developers as possible in bringing their games over to Android.

“We are not just throwing money at developers,” Scoreloop’s Chief Executive, Marc Gumpinger said. “We have that aspect as well. But it’s more about development resources and market knowledge. We want it to be a hassle-free process for them”

Just like with the OpenFeint deal, if you sign up to be apart of this program with Scoreloop, you will be required to include Scoreloop’s social features in whatever game you bring to Android. Not a bad deal really. Scoreloop’s program is called Go Android and if you are interested you can sign up right now to join. Scoreloop states that they will only be working with the highest quality mobile developers so it seems they are limiting the field a bit more than OpenFeint.

Developer Website: Scoreloop

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