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Hyperbees releases SpeedX for free for everyone to enjoy. Win a Zeemote!

Our friends over at Hyperbees have decided to release the full version of their awesome tunnel racing game, SpeedX, for free for everyone to enjoy. While this game isn’t new, it is one of the best tunnel racing games out and it does have features that you won’t find in any other game on the market which we will mention after the jump.

SpeedX has been one of the flagship games from Hyperbees and has been happily received in the Android gaming world as well. New features over the past little while that have been brought to the game include 3D-glasses support (Red/cyan or green/magenta glasses), tablet support including the XOOM and Zeemote controller support (requires bluetooth connection).


This free version is the full version of the game, just free, to celebrate the success it has had along with Hyperbees. Even better is that we are partnering up with Hyperbees to give away one Zeemote to one lucky winner! Here are the rules to win:

  • The contest will run for 2 days from the time this is posted to Sunday, March 13th at 10am PST.
  • To qualify, you have to be following Hyperbees on Twitter as well as DroidGamers on Twitter
  • Then just tweet some reason why you want a Zeemote using the hashtag #gimmieZmote . Example: @DroidGamers I want a Zeemote because I only have one hand. #gimmieZmote
  • We will select one winner on Sunday March 13th and send you a nice new shiny Zeemote to play Android games with.


Good luck and if you haven’t played SpeedX yet, go grab it off the Android Market for free right now!

Developer Website: Hyperbees

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