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Ominous Game Labs lets loose Parachute onto the market. Like Doodle Jump but the opposite.

Fans of games such as Doodle Jump and other titles where you have to climb as high as you can to reach the goal of each stage while dodging obstacles and enemies will enjoy this game. Developed by Ominous Game Labs, Parachute is like Doodle Jump but the exact opposite in that you have to safely land at the bottom of the stage.

You’ll have to maneuver around platforms, enemies trying to collapse your parachute and all kind of other things in your way to the bottom. Parachute comes with two play modes, Standard and Kids so everyone can enjoy the game and all 40 of the levels that come with it. As you may have guessed, to control your character you have to tilt your device.


  • 5 themed areas: Mountains, Jungle, Desert, Area 51.2 and Space. Each with 8 levels to complete.
  • Tilt controls via accelerometer. Left/Right to steer, up/down to adjust speed. The faster you go, the higher the score multiplyer.
  • Lots of obstacles in the way including killer bees, platforms, flying pigs and disguised yeti
  • Power-ups to help you along the way
  • Online leaderboards



Parachute is a casual action game with pretty cute but humorous graphics, something you’d find in an online flash game or South Park. Unfortunately for you, it’s about as addictive as Doodle Jump and similar games as well so don’t be surprised if you play it for an hour straight. You can pick up Parachute off the Android Market for $4.02 or try out 6 levels in the free version before you buy.

Developer Website: Ominous Game Labs

Direct Market Link: Parachute

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