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Square Enix drops Big Cup Cricket onto the market. Considered the best cricket sim game.

Square Enix just loves to release games onto Android with little or no warning it seems as yet another title has just landed on the Android Market. Big Cup Cricket has been cited as possibly one of the best Cricket sim sports games available right now by a few sources and we are now lucky enough to have it available for Android devices.

Developed by Beautiful Games Studio and published through Square Enix of Europe, Big Cup Cricket should appease all you fans of the game with a mobile version you can play while waiting for real matches to start. As with most games these days, all your controls are touch screen but these are gesture controls instead and the graphics are more along the lines of Baseball Superstars type of imagery.


  • Play as any of the 20 selectable teams from around the world
  • Multiple Challenge and Tournament modes
  • Gesture-based touchscreen controls
  • Both free and paid full versions available



It also seems like they are going the same route as HandyGames tend to do with their releases, offering up a free full version with in-game advertising as well as a paid full version should you want to play the game without the ads. The paid version will set you back $4.03.

So if you’ve been waiting for a decent Cricket game to come out on Android, you might want to consider checking out Big Cup Cricket, especially since it does have a free full version for you to play.

Developer Website: Square Enix

Direct Market Link: Big Cup Cricket (Free)

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