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Cross-platform multiplayer hit game Guerrilla Bob unleashed onto the Android Market.

Guerrilla Bob is a top-down 3D shoot-em-up game that spans across multiple platforms and offers up some great co-op multiplayer gaming action. We saw this at GDC 2011 on the Xperia Play demo units and fiddle around with it and it really is a fun game. Now it is officially out on the Android Market for you to grab.

Guerrilla Bob features fast-paced action, big boss fights, co-op multiplayer and upgrades to your character you can purchase from the money you get when you mow down enemies with your selection of weapons. It also features secret areas and various gameplay modes to up the replay value of the game should you not be interested in the co-op multiplayer aspect. As a bonus, it is also compatible with Xperia Play controls which really make the game enjoyable to play.


  • Great 3D graphics
  • Fast-paced action
  • Epic boss fights
  • Secret areas and power-ups
  • Upgrades that can be purchased from the money you collect from killed enemies
  • 5 gameplay modes: Story, Arcade, Mercenary, Survival and Wave, all with adjustable difficulty levels
  • Co-op multiplayer mode where you can play with people from other platforms (iOS, PC/Mac and any other device you see the game on)
  • Original Soundtrack and professional voice work
  • OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements



Guerrilla Bob offers a whole lot of gaming action for those of you who like action games, especially along the lines of Gun Bros. All your weapons in-game are big in style and big in effect including things like Rocket Launchers, Chainsaws, Flamethrowers and even double-fisting two Uzis. You can snag this game off the Android Market right now for only $2.99.

Developer Website: Guerrilla Bob

Direct Market Link: Guerrilla Bob

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