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Earth And Legend, the upcoming 3D RPG from Dvide Arts for Android

Earth and Legend” is going to be another hit Android game from the fine developer DVide Arts. One of their first games was the highly popular Crusade Of Destiny, and just judging the game thus far by looks alone, along with some rumors we have heard, this game isn’t just a graphical upgrade over the first game, its much more.

From what they posted on their Facebook page they will be releasing new images of this game shortly and the game is set to release in the Summer, with Android being one of its many platforms. We will see if we can set up an interview with them to get more information on this project but in the meantime you can play Crusade Of Destiny to get a feel for this game or you can “like” their Facebook page to receive updates through that.

Here is an image that shows off what appears to be a Human character model and to be honest, it looks like a nice version of a Human Paladin running around in one of the starting zones for a successful game known as World of Warcraft.

Just to give you an idea on what we might be able to look forward to with this game, here is a feature list from “Crusade Of Destiny“:

  • The First of it’s kind to introduce the innovative easy use multi-touch control scheme for touch screen mobile devices that allow full 3D freedom of movement plus 360 degree camera panning.3 trainable skill lines. Become a better warrior, archer or mage. Some abilities available only to high trained skill lines.
  • Countless hours of gameplay.
  • 360 degree swimming! Go fishing for food! Even ride horses!
  • Detailed side quests.
  • 3D sound effect positioning.
  • Challenging bosses to defeat.
  • In-game cycles of real night and day on a readable 24 hour based time system. Some events based on night and day.
  • Stunning 3D special effects.
  • Multiple damage types including slashing, blunt, piercing, fire, ice, and energy within a unique combat resist system. Certain creatures are more resistant or vulnerable to certain attacks.
  • High quality sound effects and original music soundtracks each with individual volume controls.
  • Multiple lands and caverns to explore with many secrets to uncover.
  • Single target and area effect skills available for both melee and magic lines.
  • Easy to learn combat system with auto-face targeting.
  • Balanced economy system. Visit shops. Buy and sell items.
  • Right and left handed joystick and controls option.
  • In-game help tutorial. Go to Inventory – Options – Help for more instructions.
  • Customizable hot keys. Arrange skills in any order.
  • 3 game slots to save multiple player’s adventures.
  • Large variety of mystical creatures: Goblins, Golems, Fairies, …too many to name here.
  • Epic story-line with cinematic intro.Multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.


We did mention Earth & Legend awhile ago last year and since it looks like such a promising game in development, we felt the need to bring attention to it again since updates are going to start. As far as we know, Dvide Arts is a one or two person team which would explain why development is taking so long. If the above features interest you and you would like to play Crusade Of Destiny until Earth & Legends launches, you can just head over to the Android Market and snag a copy of Crusade of Destiny for $4.99

No word just yet if this will be an MMORPG or just a single-player RPG game. Dvide Arts is being fairly quite about it right now. The moment the release updates though, we will be sure to post them!

Thoughts? Let us know how you feel about the look so far and what you are looking forward to!

Developer Website: Dvide Arts

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