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[GDC 2011] Tegra 2 games heading our way you might not be aware of just yet.

Yes, even after a week of posting since GDC 2011 ended, we still have news we are posting although we are nearing the end of everything we need to post from GDC. There are a few Tegra 2 games on the horizon that haven’t really been mentioned yet that we spotted lazing around on some demo devices.

Zen Pinball: A great looking pinball game we already posted about but we need to mention it again. This was spotted on both the Tegra 2 and Kal-El (Tegra 3 quad-core) Android tablets sitting at the nVidia booth during GDC 2011. Even on the quad-core Android tablet, the game was playable and not just a looping demo. When this is released, this will be the pinball game to have on your Tegra 2 device as the graphics, themes and gameplay are just awesome.

Pinball HDC: Another high-definition pinball game to land on Tegra 2 devices soon. This is also a pretty solid pinball offering should you be a pinball game fan and want a selection of pinball games to play on your Tegra 2 Android devices.

MyFirstTrainSet: Developed by the crew over at n3v who also developed the awesome hardcore train simulation game, Trainz. This is more of a casual offering for train lovers out there with less realistic 3D graphics and more casual gameplay. You can check out the official game website for more detailed information.


Riptide GP: A water racing game developed by the same company who has made a lot of the arcade Seadoo racing games in the past. Using their own game engine, they are bringing what looks to be a seriously great racing game for fans who enjoy these kinds of games. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a playable demo but a loop of actual gameplay.

Unigine: If you are wondering what Unigine is, it is a game engine that has recently expanded into Android support including multi-core mobile games. This was just a little demo of theirs to show off what it can do. More on that in another post as well.

We also spotted some other games that are getting ready to be released, however, they are not strictly Tegra 2 games so we will cover those in another post. We figured you all would enjoy finding out about a few upcoming Tegra 2 games that haven’t hit the limelight just yet.

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