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Kongregate Arcade app gets updated with Honeycomb support and a few other new features.

Kongregate’s Arcade application that allows you to play over 400+ flash games from the mega gaming site on your Android device has just updated their app to include support for Honeycomb. This means that you XOOM owners will be able to play all those flash games on your nice 10.1″ screens once you receive you Flash update.

Flash will be getting an update to support Honeycomb on March 18th (tomorrow) apparently which means you’ll be able to install that, then head over and grab the Kongregate Arcade app and lose numerous hours of your life checking out all the cool Flash games available for Android from Kongregate. It is kind of humorous that this is ready and our before Flash for Honeycomb is available.


Other new features include a badge browser to check on your badges and any unearned ones, new notification settings, landscape support for all Android devices and a new homepage with a new scrolling carousel showing off hot new games for the Kongregate Arcade app. You can grab the Kongregate Arcade app off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: Kongregate

Direct Market Link: Kongregate Arcade

Website Referenced: AndroidGuys

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