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Flash 10.2 now available for Android! Go get it now XOOM owners!

All you XOOM owners have been looking forward to this day, probably since you got your tablets. Well the wait is now over and you’ll be able to enjoy Flash on your snazzy dual-core XOOM tablets and play flash games online or through the Kongregate Arcade App which now supports Honeycomb as well! There are other features as well though.

Rumors were flying around that the Flash 10.2 update with Honeycomb support had been delayed for whatever particular reason. If it was, it was a very short delay since it is now available for download off the Android Market.

While the Honeycomb support was the major feature coming in Flash 10.2, non-Honeycomb Android devices will benefit from this update with some seriously decent performance boosts according to Adobe. So it will benefit everyone, not just you XOOM owners although you’ll be the most happy with this update since you’ll actually have Flash finally.

On a side note, if you go to the Android Market website right now, it hasn’t refreshed and still shows as 10.1. Just click install and go to the market on your Android device and it’ll show as 10.2 in the Android Market app.

Website Referenced: Droid-Life

Market Link: Flash Player 10.2

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