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Polarbit adding support for the Xperia Play to their games.

As it gets closer to the launch of the Xperia Play Android gaming phone we are seeing more developers making their games compatible with the slide out control pad that the Xperia Play features. This is mostly due to the button mapping being included in the Android SDK. Polarbit has now jumped into the Xperia Play action.

So far Reckless Racing and Raging Thunder 2 have been updated today with “Optimized for the Xperia Play” in the changelog. We will probably start seeing their other games that could benefit from the Xperia Play control pad get updated as well over the next few days. Games such as Iron Sight, Wave Blazer and Toonz could all benefit from these build-in controls.

While the Xperia Play is suppose to be released with around 50 games available, it seems as though that number will be much higher if the amount of developers keeps rising who are gearing up for the Xperia Play’s release at the end of this month.

Developer Website: Polarbit

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