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Shift Review – Black & white reverse gravity escape game

Brum brum! First, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth are all the gears you’ll be shifting through on the latest racing games. This isn’t racing, it’s not even close. Rev up your brain, you’ll need it in this brain twisting puzzle game, brought to you by the good folks at Handmark. Can you escape each level?

Title: Shift | Developer: Handmark | Genre: Brain/Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: 1.4 | Size: 6.54MB | Price: $1.99 (Lite Version Available)


  • Includes all the Previous levels found in the desktop classic.
  • More than 40 new and unique levels added.
  • Very creative take on the puzzle solving genre.
  • Addictive and fast paced.
  • High Quality 2D black and white graphics.
  • A magical shift button, Oooooo.


Gameplay: Right from the second the game starts up, you can tell it’s going to be fun. This is a nice 2D side scrolling puzzle solving game which I’ve found in the past is a killer combination. Diving right into the game is well advised as it’s very clear to see what the objectives of the levels are. Starting out, you’ll find the levels rather easy and very quick to play through. All that changes as you will find yourself being up against a range of obstacles such as impossibly placed keys (or are they?) and life threatening spikes. It’s really fun to play and I always find myself trying to fly through the levels as fast as I can; I’m not sure if its because of the name hiftor or if it’s because the game subliminally entices you into racing through the levels, either way it’s win/win.

A really cool feature is the shift button, which makes the game stand out from a normal puzzle/platform game. Once you hit this button you’ll see yourself switch to the opposite color on the screen, which will give you access to areas that aren’t reachable without shifting to the other side.Within no time, you’ll be shifting back and forth without too much brain freeze while you’re guessing where to go next.

Controls: The controls are really easy to use and this gives the game a huge pick up and play feeling, when has that ever been bad eh? Menus are straight forward to navigate through and the levels are no different, with 4 on-screen buttons to use, you’ll never find yourself lost in a “what button do I press next scenario”. If you can’t find the jump button, it’s because as you run, the other direction button becomes the jump button. Next is the shift button which will become a life saver during the game, it’s impossible to complete without it. It’s by far my favorite feature of the game. Other than that everything is straight forward.

Graphics/Sound: This game features some really nice 2D graphics and animations which really catch your eye when you’re shifting or jumping through the air like a black or white stick man super hero! I always find that the simpler the graphics, the more artistic and eye catching the games are; this is certainly no different.

As for sound, this game delivers a really catchy track that sets the mood and gives the feel of being in an 80’s detective movie. Usually I get annoyed when a track is repeated but with this, it just adds to the fun of the game.

Overall: Shift really does help mix up the puzzle/brain genre which is refreshing and good to see. Overall I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little brain tickle from time to time and even if you’re a hardcore problem solver I would suggest giving it a go. I think it’s crazy to pass up a chance to try this game for free, with a Lite version available on the market. Give the Lite version a go; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m about to shift through the floor, to the kitchen and make myself a sandwich. I can shift, can you?

Rating: 4.5/5

Market Link: Shift


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