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Adobe Air update now available. Includes support for Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Just to round off Adobe’s recent update to Flash which is providing Honeycomb support and performance improvements for non-Honeycomb Android devices, Adobe Air just had its update released onto the Android Market this morning as well. Included in this update is Honeycomb support, so all your XOOM owners should be happy now.

Here is the full changelog for Adobe Air 2.6:

  1. AIR 2.6 adds support for Android 3.0 and the latest Android tablet devices as well as improved performance, updated Android gesture support, and improved handling of HTML content within AIR apps.
  2. Latest improvements include:
  3. • Smoother video delivery
  4. • Faster rendering and animation of games
  5. • Support for the latest Android system gestures
  6. • Tighter visual integration between Flash and HTML content


Just like the Flash Player update, non-Honeycomb Android devices should experience a performance boost as well. So if you haven’t updated your Adobe Flash Player and Air already, head over to the Android Market and get it done!

Developer Website: Adobe

Market Link: Adobe Air

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