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Rumor: Valve considering mobile gaming with Steam including Android

There is a rumor floating around today that Valve is looking into Android (and iOS) as possible expansions to the Steam service. If you play PC games on any sort of regular basis then chances are you have run into Steam and have probably used it at some point. With Steam’s success on PC, is mobile expansion really surprising?

Everyone and their mother is getting on board with mobile gaming these days from GameSpy to major publishers of PC/Console games, a lot of which are heading to Android. So the idea that Valve is considering the possible expansion of Steam onto Android (and iOS) isn’t really that far fetched. While note a direct quote, Co-Founder of Valve Gabe Newell did mention this possibility to someone who managed to have a trip to Valve HQ.

The quality of games available on Steam tends to be pretty solid so even though this could end up as yet another Android marketplace, it could be a very welcomed one. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and of course we will do some digging of our own. As with all rumors, take it with a grain of salt.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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