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Xperia Play officially heading to Verizon… at least for right now.

Well CTIA has started today and one bit of news coming out already regarding the Xperia Play is that at least one North American model of the phone will be heading for Verizon. While we say one model, that is because there are rumors it will eventually land on all carriers in the USA. However, the Verizon one is the first one spied with actual branding.

Aside from a couple of Verizon logos on the actual device, it is for the most part pretty much as expected with little difference inside and out when compared to the models seen at MWC and GDC 2011. One change that Engadget spotted was the lack of any custom skin on the user interface which was seen at MWC but instead it sporting stock Android 2.3 with a few custom widgets instead.

You can head over to Engadget and watch their hands-on video of the Xperia Play from Verizon just in case you haven’t watched enough hands-on videos with this device.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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