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Developers who want in-app purchasing in their games. Good news, it’s almost here!

If you are a game developer who has been waiting for Google’s in-app purchasing SDK to become available, it looks like the wait is almost over. If you haven’t checked your developer account on the Android Market, now might be a good time to check. You should notice a little addition to your app listings!

That’s right! In-app purchasing is already showing up in the developer back-end of the Android Market. Also you’ll notice that a new permission will be needed for users to accept when they install/update your game should you choose to add in-game purchasing and is labeled as BILLING, original I know.

However this is still great news as the SDK should become available pretty quickly now that this is in the Android Market back-end. For gamers, this could mean a huge spike in Freemium games becoming available on the market which is always nice.

Thanks to Hyperbees for spotting this!

Update March 24th 1:31pm: The Android Developers Blog just posted about this and states that this is a testing phase and while developers can upload apps/games with this feature, you won’t be able to publish them until next week at the earliest.

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