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Clash of Mages comes to the Android Market! Prepare for war!

And now coming into the Android Market is…. Clash of the Mages! Clash of Mages is tactical game built around mage duels, nice graphics, atmospheric music, simple rules and endless gameplay. Developed by Starwind Games, the gist of the game is that it is an old style game with a new twist and cross-platform gameplay.

This isn’t just a clone of an old game with new graphics. It also is not just a single player game or a game you take a turn and pass to your friend. It has online multiplayer and it isn’t just limited to play against our Android brethren, we can wage war against iOS users as well!

Game features:

  • Supports all devices (from 320×240 to 854×480, and there is also HD version for tablets)
  • Online Multiplayer with Top 100 Leaderboard (limited in lite version)
  • Achievements system (limited in lite version)
  • Quick battles with 3 difficulty levels
  • Advaced tactical AI
  • Simple and easy to use magic system (no long manuals needed!)


The full version includes:

  • Unlimited online multiplayer
  • Online multiplayer with friends
  • Single player campaign
  • Multiplayer on a single device



The beginner-friendly easy to use magical system doesn’t mean the gameplay is going to be a walk in the park. This game will still require you to use your brain just like any other strategy game. This isn’t the type of game you just button mash mindlessly and win. Clash of Mages comes in three flavors: a lite version to try for free, regular full version and an HD version for high resolution phones and tablets. Both the regular and HD versions cost $1.25.

Developer Website: Starwind Games

Market Link: Clash of Mages (Regular Full Version)

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